Booze Pig & Co.

Booze Pig for the People.

We are a pop up group in ATL. We focus on a modern approach to food and an accesible route to amazing wine.

About Us

Booze Pig & Co. is a two man culinary collective operating out of Atlanta, GA, that offers tailored menus based on location and occasion.
Chef: Robert Velazquez is originally from Miami where he first learned how to roast a pig under his family's supervision and developed a love of classic Latin flavors. He then trained in New York City at restaurants such as Momofuku Noodle Bar and Alder where he learned precision and modernist technique.  Upon moving to Atlanta he was the Sous Chef at Holeman & Finch Public House where he focused on butchery, charcuterie and fermentation. Booze Pig & Co. grew from a desire to challenge himself and create a dining experience that elevates classic dishes while remaining accessible to a diverse audience. His eclectic flavors and techniques are a reflection of travel, passion and a need to challenge himself as well as his guests.
Sommelier: Brian Bates is the one man beverage team behind Booze Pig. He began his career as a cook in kitchens in Gainesville, Fl. He worked his way to the kitchens of Denver and New York. His decision to focus on the world of spirits and wine brought him to Holeman & Finch Public House as a bartender and ultimately as a Sommelier at Restaurant Eugene. With knowledge gained at Restaurant Eugene he finds varietals and producers that are lesser known but amazing in quality. His goal is to make incredibly well produced wine affordable to everyone at all times. He is a Certified Specialist of Wine.